Finding your own personal prosperity

To many in life – prosperity has taken on the false identity of money. But, that is not what true prosperity is all about. It’s really about having the freedom to do what you want, where you want, at any time you want. Prosperity is independent of the whims of the economy or your luck at the black-jack table. It is independent of your skills, talents and intelligence as well. And last but not least, it is independent of a network of connections to people you may know.
The majority of people spend their lives in pursuit of things, eventually realizing that most of those “things” remain just out of reach. Why? Because they have made that decision to pursue and chase those “things”. The fundamental secret lies in the ability to not need any of those things…… that’s the point at which their attainment becomes much easier to achieve.
To be around those who are truly wealthy, you discover that there are common traits and ways of viewing the world. Contrary to the a common misconception – they do not take advantage of others. Typically, others will come to them, and their interests are not driven by the pursuit of owning anything and everything. It’s always about what’s been given to you and why. What you discover in life, is that typically the most profound and powerful secrets are found in the most elegant and simplest of things.

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