Luxury Real Estate – No Boundaries or Borders

As the old real estate adage states, it is all about “location, location, location!”. When it comes to finding the best homes and great examples of vision in the real estate world – one must explore beyond geographic boundaries which tend to limit and impede what can be an expansive real estate vision. Your real estate palate will be better served if you allow your “third eye” to wander and explore the plethora of possibilities which lie outside your immediate geographic surroundings.

So this page is a venture into the world of possibilities – with no consideration for limits of proximity. This is about finding the creative and ever expanding vision of those embarked in the pursuit of building real estate excellence. Being a right brained musician myself, I find that if you play the same song – you limit growth, and the pleasure found in discovering new techniques, styles or songs which ultimately expand your vision beyond where you may currently find comfort and familiarity.

Yes, the methods of building each of these masterpieces are pretty much the same, and yet, each finds a unique way to provoke and evoke a response which is unique to it’s setting. That is the beauty of real estate. Location, location, location takes on a whole new meaning when you can make use of the infinite and undeterred palate of geographic settings available, without regard to borders or boundaries.

Victoria, BC
Canada's Victoria Oceanfront

Office with a view

Work & R&R

Control 4 "smart home" that can enable the house to be managed from abroad.

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